• Xbox 360

    Download directly to your console for 240 MS points, or get the free trial. You get free updates and bug fixes for as long as the Xbox Live Indie Games channel exists. If you owned a prior version then you get this update for free. It will be installed the next time you launch the game.

  • Windows

    UPDATED June 16th, 2013. The windows package includes 32 bit and 64 bit versions in a 10 MB zip file. You must have the .NET Framework v4.0 installed to run the engine. There is no GUI included in the Windows version so you must provide your own.

  • End Game Table Bases

    Usually it's the GUI's job to read EGTB's but this is the exact same engine that runs on the Xbox 360, so you have the option to have Pwned access the EGTB's directly. The Windows version of Pwned only includes 1 table base (kqk). If you want additional table bases, you will need to download and copy them into the EGTB folder. You can download the entire 6.5 Gig set of Gaviota table bases, or you can pick individual files.

  • Pwned Opening Book

    The Pwned GUI includes a custom opening book. If you are a collector of exotic opening books then this is a must have. Opening lines are 24 half moves deep, moves are sampled from over 2 million games from chess masters, the book does not include any moves that lead to a disadvantage in score based on Gaviota's board evaluation.