Bug Bounty Program


There is at least one bug. I've seen it crash when my friends were playing. Unfortunately I was not recording the game so I am having a hard time reproducing the crash. I am inviting the everyone to give it a try. If you can provide instructions that will let me crash the game, then you can claim a $50 (USD) bounty.

What is required?

A copy Pwned is required, so that means and Xbox 360 with and Xbox Live Gold account that can buy games from the Indie Games Channel. The standalone windows engine is not a part of the bug bounty program. I also strongly suggest recording your game, even if you have to use a smartphone or tablet. A video alone may still not be enough. Make sure you know why the game is crashing, so that you could give anyone instructions and they could make it crash themselves. If the game only crashes sometimes and you can't figure out why, then you will not be able to claim the bounty. I already know the game crashes sometimes and can not figure out why :)

Bugs must be unique. Only one person is eligible to claim the bounty on any specific crash. When bug reports are received, I will post them on this page. Check the bottom of the page to make sure your bug is unique. If your crash report includes only a slight variation on an existing bug it will not be eligible for the bounty. For example, if someone else discover pressing A and holding down the start button causes a crash in single player mode and then you discover this also happens in multiplayer, only the first person to submit the bug will be eligible.

Bug reports must be received before November 15th, 2014. Bounties will no longer be payed starting on November 15th. That same day I will submit a new version of Pwned for peer review. If no bug reports have been received by that date, I will consider extending the program a few months. There are a limited number of bounties available. No more than 50 bounties will be payed for the duration of the program. If 50 unique bugs are found the bug bounty program will terminate early.

You need a way to receive payment. A paypal account is prefered but if you have another method that I can also use then I will use that. I will not send cash or cheque via courier.

Where should I look?

My friends were playing a local two player game. The AI was not involved, they each had their own controllers and I suspect only one controller was signed in. The crash happened mid game. I very strongly suspect most crashes can be triggered under certain board layouts, meaning they should be easy to reproduce. If you encounter a crash, check your video a send me a screenshot of the last board position before the crash and include the moves you made before and the one you were about to make. You can try the board editor yourself to try and isolate which specific move triggered the crash.

Network multiplayer isn't very well tested. I am setup so that I can test with up to 3 players myself. If you find a bug that happens with more than 3 players, I will need to be a part of the game when it crashes if you want to be eligible for the bounty.

The end game table bases use in both single player and multiplayer may have bugs that I introduced when porting from Windows over to Xbox. The rest of the AI is very stable since that testing is automated and does not involve the filesystem.

In addition to making the game crash, you can also submit bugs that break the rules of chess. For example if people can castle when they should not be allowed and you can reproduce this bug then it will be eligible for the bounty

I found a bug, how do I report it?

Send an email to [email protected] or use the support page. First I will post your entry to this page. I will then try to confirm your bug within 24 hours.

List of Bugs Reported To Date

Nothing yet, maybe the bugs are too hard to find?